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Our Offerings

D Passion Consultant has both deep experience and a robust repository of effective tools and methods to guide marketers through the rapidly changing business landscape successfully. We have identified several high-value areas for marketing optimization, and offer a consulting project and solutions which includes the following

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What We Do

  • Combining our research and analytical capabilities, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the market and provide clients with the following insights.

  • Market size and growth

  • Growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities

  • Current and emerging market trends

  • Customer’s needs, wants, and preferences

  • Competitive Environment

  • Strategic options formalization

  • Operational actions to support strategies

  • Resource allocation optimization program

Market Assesment

Identify the new market opportunities and make better business decisions

Before entering a new market or developing a new product, it is essential to identify the opportunities available in the market. A thorough market opportunity assessment provides insights about the current and future market state, potential customers and competitors. Agile companies use those insights to identify market opportunities and make better business decisions. We follow comprehensive techniques of market research to conduct the market opportunity assessment studies. The study starts with desk research for quick scanning the market and identifying the data gap. Further, the gap is filled by gathering quantitative and qualitative data through first hand research techniques including focus groups, in-depth interviews and surveys. The assimilated data are checked for quality and analyzed using various analytical techniques to come up with actionable market insights

Benefits You Can Expect

  • Identified market opportunities to drive revenue growth

  • A clear understanding of the industry, consumers and competitors

  • Deep insights and reliable data to develop marketing strategies

  • Minimize risks of investment in new or existing business

What We Do

  • Define the digital marketing goals and objectives

  • Digital Ideation and Strategy

  • Digital Segmentation of HCP

  • Digital Engagement

    • Longitudinal Mapping of Digital Touchpoints

  • Virtual and Augmented Gamification

  • Digital Toolkit 

  • WEb edification

    • A Platform for Remote Connect with HCP

Digital Marketing

Drive business growth by deploying the best practices for digital marketing

Digital marketing has become an Integral part of an overall marketing strategy in today’s digital arena. But digital marketing trends are changing all the time. To keep pace with this changing trend, marketers need to choose wisely the right mix of digital marketing channels and implement it effectivel

Benefits You Can Expect

  • A clearly defined plan of action

  • More organic traffic to the website and mobile app

  • Increased brand visibility

  • Positively influenced target audience

  • More customers and brand advocates

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What We Do

  • Design Launch Readiness Toolkit

  • Identify the most profitable customer segments to target

    • P1,P2,R1,R2 (Product Segmentation)

  • Define the most compelling value proposition for each customer segments

    • Key Account Mapping and Strategy

  • Market Access Strategy

    • Determine distribution channel and geographic coverage plan

    • Pricing Guidance

  • Portfolio Management

  • Construct Product Road Maps

    • SKU Extension

    • New Drug Delivery Options

  • VAS - Value Added Services

Go-To- Market Strategy

Get succeed in the market and gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Even superior products fail in the market if they are not targeted and positioned to the right customer at the right price through the most effective communication and distribution channel. This failure can be prevented by an innovative Go-to-market strategy with the right product-market fit and compelling value proposition. However, in today’s competitive environment, marketers need to adopt a data driven approach for developing and implementing Go-to-market strategy.While developing Go-to-market strategy, we mainly focus on the customer’s current and emerging needs, and client’s capabilities to satisfy those needs. Adopting a data driven approach, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s capabilities and market -customers, competitors, industry- to discover the meaningful insights. Further, applying our years of experience and functional expertise, we build innovative go-to-market strategies for our clients

Benefits You Can Expect

  • A clearly defined plan of action

  • Faster time to market the product

  • Quick product adoption by customers

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • An established path for growth

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What We Do

  • We develop brand strategy and guide the implementation that helps clients to build a powerful and enduring brand. Under that we,

  • Developing Brand Communication and Campaign Design

  • Develop a brand positioning statement

  • Determine the appropriate brand architecture

  • Customer Funneling / Brand Bonding Ladder

  • Formulate the brand extension strategy

  • Develop brand repositioning and transition strategy

  • Guide the delivery of the brand promise across all touchpoints

  • A/B Testing of Marketing Collaterals (Content Marketing)

  • Creative Design Thinking

Brand Marketing

Build a powerful brand, the world talks about and refer to others

Brand’ is the way beyond just a name and logo; rather it is the wholesome experience that customers receive from the product and company itself. In today’s crowded market, customers choose and refer to the brand that gives them a particular feeling and positive experience across all the touchpoints. A well-defined and executed brand strategy builds a stronger emotional connection with customers, increases brand equity and generates brand advocates.

Benefits You Can Expect

  • A clear understanding of the brand’s point of difference

  • Increased brand recognition and top of the mind awareness

  • Easy introduction of new products due to established brand

  • Enhanced brand credibility and market share

  • Higher profitability from increased customer loyalty

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What We Do

  • We involve with client for Long Term Planning.

  • Evaluate opportunities for alliance

  • Assest Evaluation and Valuations

  • Affiliate Marketing 

  • Portfolio management (including tail products), future changes in market environment

  • ​Upside Evaluator: 

    • Uncovering of untapped potential in five areas critical for success

  • Defense Optimizer: 

    • Optimal preparation for new competitors, evaluation of all strategic options

  • Business Development (New Asset Identification)

    • Future forecast

Business Development

Identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions.

To stay competitive in the pharmaceutical field, pharmaceutical companies need to have access to legal, product and clinical development, business strategy, and human resources experts.Business development in the pharmaceutical industry is a complicated and costly endeavor. we know that every pharmaceutical business has different struggles, weaknesses, and strengths. We are here to discover strategies that take all these factors into consideration and catapult you to success

Benefits You Can Expect

  • A clearly defined plan of action

  • Faster time to market the product

  • Quick product adoption by customers

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • An established path for growth

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What We Do

  • Brand Lever and KPI Driven Execution

    • Progress Dashboards

  • New Product Launch and Life Cycle Management

  • Resource allocation

    • N=1 Engagement

  • Dynamic Segmenting and Targeting      (2*2 Matrix)

  • Medico Marketing

  • Patient Journey and Stakeholder Mapping (Patient Persona)

  • Patient Focussed Selling

  • HCP Behaviour Mapping

    • KOL Network 

  • VOC : Cx (Customer / Patient Experience), Bx(Brand Experience), Tx (Therapy Experience)

  • Business Coaching and Mentoring

    • Marketing Workshops

    • Sales Training

  • Strategy and Tactics Alignment

    • Key Initiatives

Marketing Excellence

Build exceptional marketing & sales capabilities that drive the business growth

Marketing Excellence is a critical lever for driving growth and yet not enough is done to build marketing excellence in companies and teams. The Marketing Team lays the roadmap for growth, by setting the direction, allocating resources and building brand assets. Building Marketing Excellence is like building the fitness of the marketing thought process, which can meet the challenges of a hyper competitive marketplace, restrictive regulations and the enlightened customer and consumer.

Benefits You Can Expect

  • Established efficient marketing & sales organization

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of the team

  • Effective implementation of marketing & sales strategies

  • Smooth and efficient workflow

  • Improved performance of marketing & sales team

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