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I'm a value-driven, versatile, and accomplished marketer & strategist with a proven track record of consistent performance of delivering growth, product innovation, and new launches. With great pride and enthusiasm, I have been leading the winning sales and marketing team for more than 20+ years in Oncology.


I not only provide marketing advice, strategies, and tactics based on what works in business marketing across the world, but I also draw extensively upon my own marketing experience. I feel fortunate for being associated with leading organizations like Abbott/Pfizer/GSK/Dr. Reddys/Mitra Biotech/ AstraZeneca and equally passionate about my professional accomplishment, enrichment, and experiential learning.

My Story

I've spent considerable years honing my business acumen and fostering relations with key business stakeholders.For the first decade of my professional life (1998 to 2008), I worked as a front-line Pharma Sales rep, and subsequently, in 2009, I made a strategic shift to marketing, which I’m thrilled to say has continued non-stop to this day.


I've been there, seen it, and done it – 

I cherish my momentous professional milestone of launching first-in-class therapeutics (2013) in oncology and since then have been responsible for many new SKU launches, business development, line extension projects across therapy and companies. I have been associated with many successful brand campaigns and excelled at accomplishing value growth objectives.I’ve also made an immense contribution when it came to business development and alliances, for instance, AMGEN-Dr Reddy's partnership of exclusive offerings for oncology. As a man of practical experience, who loves to combines leadership experience with management know-how, I am passionate about developing talents and helping people to maximize their full potential.

Myself as a Marketing Concierge

I’m not just a marketing mentor. I’m your partner in the journey to becoming even more successful. I’m your marketing sidekick you never knew you needed. You’ll have a marketing partner who cares about your success just as much as you. I’ll be here as a partner to help you promote your brand and professional growth. See me as your professional concierge. I’m an innovative and creative marketing strategist who helps you go from ‘getting by, to "thriving for".


I’ve got a team of marketing specialists who you can call on whenever needed – together we’re a team of reliable sources to help with your marketing woes. 

I’m an independent marketing specialist – your marketing partner, working at your side throughout the month, giving you independent, unbiased advice to help you build that predictable flow of customers.


  • We’ll look at the key numbers/metrics (KPI) in your business and marketing.

  • I’ll help you identify the specific levers and marketing activities that must be carried out next.

  • I’ll help you get the best from your marketing resources.

Imagine me as your personal trainer, but instead of getting you fit, I’m working with you to build a consistent and reliable relationship of success. I’ll get to know you, prescribe the right ‘exercises’ and keep you accountable, hold your feet to the fire and make sure you achieve success.

I’m here when you need me

Imagine being able to pick up the phone, knowing there’s finally someone you can talk to who ' who speks your language'. Someone to answer your questions, remove the barrier, help you get more stuff done.

How can you connect your marketing with your customers’ true needs in current difficult times?

How can you provide customers with exactly what they want? Especially during an unprecedented situation.

How can you prepare yourself most effectively for standing out in recession?

You might not know the answer to these questions……but as your consultant, I will.

​If you’re interested, want to learn more, or just have a chat about how the marketing consultancy program might help you and your business, here’s what to do next-  Call Me / Follow me on Social Media. 

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